Sell in May and go away?

Stay invested.

May 2010 -16.59%
May 2011 +0.82%
May 2012 -8.6%
May 2013 +9.91%
May 2014 +4.37%

This month I have had 7 days when the gains/losses were greater than the monthly income.  In fact 3 days when losses were greater than monthly income and 2 days when the gains were greater than monthly income.  There were 2 more days of gains that were 2.74 times monthly income and 3.24 times monthly income.

Current annual income 95.45x

Highest annual income 100x

Current retirement savings balance 820x

Current annual savings 73.62x (saving 77% of current income)

Current annual expenditure 21.83x

Current annual dividends earned 29.47x (expenditure less than dividends earned)

Portfolio gains this month 33.5x (that is 4.2 months’ income)

Portfolio gains year-todate 22.96x (to the end of April, it was in the red).

31MAY10 – 30MAY14 +123%

31MAY11 – 30MAY14 +48.48%

31MAY12 – 30MAY14 +64.27%

31MAY13 – 30MAY14 +21.30%







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